As a photographer... is not about doing just enough to get the job done, but rather exceeding all expectations.  

I believe in delivering beauty through simplicity.  I focus on trying convey a genuine connection between the subject and the viewer.

It has been a little under decade since I started shooting professionally.  During these past years I have been humbled many times, but also graced with incredible opportunities.  I have been blessed to have many of my images find their way into many publications.  Some of which include:  a cover image and multiple editorials for Pattern Magazine, over 65 covers for Nuvo Magazine, a cover image for Headwise Magazine,  another cover image for UnZip Magazine, multiple publications in Indianapolis Monthly Magazine and many others.

There is great feeling, that is hard to describe, when your work is published or used to benefit someone.  If that feeling eventually fades, I have yet to know it.  

Part of what makes being a photographer so amazing, is the relationships I have formed over the years.  I love working with so many people of different backgrounds, that I may not have met otherwise.  The way a veteran comedian might feel about a given opportunity to make someone laugh, is the way I feel about my work.  

 The joy of making my subjects and clients happy, never gets old.
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